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I do offer stud service to select AKC reg females. I will not deal with any

other registry. No female that climbs the fence will be allowed here.

Females must be in good health, have current

vaccinations, a current brucellosis test with in 14 days of breeding. Flea and Tick medication depending on

the time of year, Owner must provide one week of food. Any left over food will be returned.

Females must be colorpure for at least 3 generations. Owner must provide at least a

3 generation pedigree, and pictures of bitch before I will decide to provide stud serivce.

The female must be friendly and be able to be handled by myself. There is a $500 deposit due

up front. If the female doesn't take then you can bring the female back for repeat service.

On occasion I may reserve the right to pick of the litter. When I do this I want to

wait untill the pups are born to decide if I want the fee or a puppy. If I decide to wait then the $500

deposit will not be required.

Full payment is due before I will ok a litter registration.

Full payment is required no later than the litter turning 8 wks of age.

I reserve the right to refuse any person/dog that I decide.

Stud Contract to come.....

Stud fee varries to which dog you are wanting to use

         KENNEL NAME: BlueRiver Danes

Breeder Name:_______________________________________

Breeder Address:_____________________________________

Breeder Ph. & Fax Number:____________________________

Registered Name and Number of Female:


Sire Name:____________________________________________________

Dam Name:___________________________________________________

Owner at the time of mating:______________________________________


Phone Number:_____________________________________________________

Was Bred To:

Reg name and number of dog


Sire’s Name:________________________________________________

Dam’s Name:_________________________________________________

Owner of Stud Dog:_____________________________________________

Dates of Mating if seen _______________,______________,_____________

Whelping date:___________________

Female owner agrees to:

1. Send female in good health and in season.

2. Notify stud dog owner if a litter has conceived or not.

3. Agrees to not knowingly sell or transfer puppies as result of this mating to any person or firm with the business or resale or wholesale of dogs.

4. Provide Veterinary certificate of current clear Brucellosis test.

5. Keep female properly confined following the breeding to ensure no other stud could mate her accidentally, before mating season is finished.

6. If female is accidentally bred to another stud to pay to have the litter multiple sired tested and registered.

7. To pay all stud fee up front unless prior arrangements are agreed upon, and stated below.

Dog owner initials:

Amy Ojeda being the stud dog owner agrees to:

1. Take normal adequate care of the female while in our care.

2. Have the stud dog in good physical condition.

3. Provide a return stud service of the same dog to the same female if no pregnancy results from the mating at no charge.

To receive the return service, the female owner must notify the stud dog owner of failure to conceive, no more than 70

days following the mating. If the stud dog is no longer available for whatever reason, for the return service, the stud owner

reserves the right to offer a different stud to the female owner. The return service applies only to those paying for a stud fee

in advance. For those pick of the litter, if no puppies are produced then no pick of the litter will be taken.

4. I reserve the right to pick of the litter or $_________

5. Money is to be paid by ____________________________________________________

If only two puppies results from the mating, it constitutes a litter. However, if only two puppies results from this mating,

if money is paid then a return stud service will be done at no charge. To the same sire and dam, at the dam’s next heat cycle.

If the female fails to conceive on the return service, this contract is terminated.

Signature of stud owner:________________________


Signature of Dam owner:_________________________



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